Friday, July 26, 2013

Giuseppe Portrait Sketch

Here are the process photos of my demo at Kennedy Art on Saturday.
I got in a bit less than two hours painting in all.

In it's final state, you can see that I have darkened the skin tones to reflect how the light had changed in the studio. The ideal situation would be to have controlled artificial light that remains constant through the session, but conditions are rarely ideal and artists should be able to cope with changing light as our predecessors did before the advent of electricity.

I felt that I had gotten Giuseppe's neck a bit wrong, so I will tweak it and tidy up the painting when I get a chance.


Janiel Miller said...

Mr. Lynch: Your work is beautiful and evocative. I am wondering how you feel about having it pinned on Pinterest. I'm honestly trying to figure out how to use Pinterest at all without violating copyright laws. Right now I'd like to use my boards as writing prompts, filling them with images from which to jumpstart a story. But I don't know how most artists who post their work online feel about that sort of thing. Do you prefer not to be pinned?

Thanks for your time and for sharing your wonderful talent.

Janiel Miller

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Janiel,
Thanks so much for your very kind comments.
I'm delighted to see people posting my work on their blogs and in sites like Pinterest.
I don't use it myself but it seems fine that people reuse images from the internet there.
No major copyright issues I can see.

Best of luck with your writing. I've had writing blocks aplenty over the years so I know how hard it can be to get going.
Best regards

Janiel Miller said...

Thank you very much!
All the best--