Friday, July 19, 2013

Bustling London.....Progressing

I'm really enjoying working up my painting of 17th Century London.
Although I did a very detailed drawing for this piece I have been changing elements and adding details as I paint.
Emmersing myself in the life of this late medieval market I find I naturally come up with details or incidents that I hadn't thought of at the drawing stage.
This process is great for my confidence in my technique, especially as I haven't painted in watercolour for a few months.
I had intended that the foreground houses would be all darker in order to show that they were closer to the viewer than the main action, but as I was painting it in, it struck me that I could vary the tone from darkest to lightest to imply that a cloud was passing overhead.

Please note that some of the photos are a bit darker and more contrasty than others depending on the time of day they are shot.


Tom Sarmo said...

This is amazing. The appearance of a cloud passing by is working greatly--most evocative. Wondering about your paper preference please; cold or hot press?
Thanks and good wishes

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Tom. I'll post a few more pix soon. I'm very bad with watercolour papers. I just pick what I see and try something different. The one thing that I consistently use is the "Rough" finished paper.

Tom Sarmo said...

Hard to tell on printed works and screen, so that helps, and I appreciate the info. Looking fwd to new posts as always

Anonymous said...

I adore the 1st picture. I was always a very 'booky' child and forever writing stories of medieval times, you've brought to life my vision of how I imagined London looked back then. Quite magical. Thank you so much.


PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Tom and Anon,
Delighted that you like the work and I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Best regards PJ