Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Painting Gulliver

People sometimes ask me about my working process, so here is a short movie showing how I painted one of the large oil paintings on the subject of Gulliver's Travels for the library in Cavan, Ireland.
The sequence at the beginning shows me acting out the various parts on video. 
I then capture the best images from the video, and work them into sketches which I combine into a rough.
From then on the video is pretty self-explanatory.
It's only four minutes long.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

The Jonathan Toomey movie, here's a link that works

It seems that the link to the website of the Jonathan Toomey movie wasn't working.
Hopefully this link will take you there.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I suppose the first thing I should mention is that I have two Christmas books in the shops at the moment.

My version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a big success last year, and we have included four prints to frame with this year's edition.
We haven't abridged the text at all, and have illustrations on nearly every spread. That means the book has almost eighty pictures of various sizes. 
More than in any other book I have illustrated.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey is re-issued in a beautifully designed new edition. Included is the Grammy nominated reading of the story on CD read by James Earl Jones.

The movie of the book was completed this year. 
It's very good, and I'm really pleased that the film makers stayed true to the look of the book. 
Check out the website.

My First post on my new Blog

My  first problem was what I would call this blog.
I thought of "PJ Lynch: Art and Illustration", because tis blog will discuss all of my work, not just the stuff that appears in books. And I also thought that this might be a good place to air that endless argument about what is "Art" and what is not. 
However I have settled for the simple title "PJ Lynch Gallery" which is also the name of my website.
I intend to post news about my work, details of my working process, and also a bit about my non-illustrative work.
Life drawing has always been very important to me, and I shall be posting various examples of my work in the Life Class. So be warned, there will be a few nude sketches coming up.
If you like the work that I do, you will probably like the work that I like. So I'll be referring you to good art sites on the web, and to the work of my favourite illustrators.
I hope you will find lots of interesting things popping up here as the weeks go by.