Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My First post on my new Blog

My  first problem was what I would call this blog.
I thought of "PJ Lynch: Art and Illustration", because tis blog will discuss all of my work, not just the stuff that appears in books. And I also thought that this might be a good place to air that endless argument about what is "Art" and what is not. 
However I have settled for the simple title "PJ Lynch Gallery" which is also the name of my website.
I intend to post news about my work, details of my working process, and also a bit about my non-illustrative work.
Life drawing has always been very important to me, and I shall be posting various examples of my work in the Life Class. So be warned, there will be a few nude sketches coming up.
If you like the work that I do, you will probably like the work that I like. So I'll be referring you to good art sites on the web, and to the work of my favourite illustrators.
I hope you will find lots of interesting things popping up here as the weeks go by.

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