Monday, March 21, 2011

Three Views of Stephanie

Following my recent post showing a painting of Stephanie in which I mentioned James Hanley's recent exhibition in Dublin, I've put together three paintings of Stephanie done by different artists at one life session.
The first is by me, the middle one is by James, and the painting on the right is by another life painting friend, Comhghall (pronounced Cole) Casey.
There are lots of great things about painting in a group setting, one of the most intriguing is being able to see how other artists choose to approach almost exactly the same subject matter.


Daniel said...

Great stuff here! Keep it coming!

Phill said...

Great figure paintings Mr. Lynch. Do you ever draw from the model? I'd be interested to see your model drawings if you have any

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Daniel and Phill
I can only take credit for one of thes paintings Phill.
You can see more of my life drawings on this short video
All the best