Monday, March 7, 2011

Lucifer; The Light Carrier

When I was sharing a studio with a number of other illustrators some years ago we decided to produce a self promotional calendar.
I did this painting in response to the simple brief "Light" that we set for ourselves.
I found a print of it in my studio clear-out and enhanced the light effect in photoshop....the original was a bit lacklustre.
It's intriguing to me how Lucifer, the light carrier came to be one of the names associated with the Devil.
I was playing about a bit with preconceptions about light and dark, good and evil and even male and female in the image of an angel.


Jackie Edwards said...

Its beautiful P.J, Interesting to see "lucifer" as a carrier of light! And what a great job with the light, well done!

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Jackie

Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Thank you for the eye catchy work. Very interesting to see the interpretation of Lucifer in a very positive way.
Kind regards, Sadami

chrisd said...

Excellent interpretation. Why in the world would someone be drawn to a thing with red skin, horns and a pointy tail?

I don't see this as Lucifer in a positive way, though. I see it as a warning.