Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Portrait Study of Amanda in Four Stages

When I first saw our new life model Amanda, I have to admit that whilst I was really keen to do a portrait study of her, I was quite daunted by the prospect of rendering her white dreadlocks in paint.
I considered just not tackling the dreads at all, but in the end I decided to knuckle down, look very hard at the subject, and paint away as usual.
This shows the two and a half hour painting process in four steps.
Amanda is a great model, and I was pretty pleased with the final result.


Olivia said...

Sooo beautiful! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The result is exquisite! Absolutely breathtaking -- the contrast of her hair to her deeper skin tones is striking, yet serves to draw attention to her beautiful face rather than to focus the eye onto the lighter hair tones. You are a magician!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Olivia and JKluge,
I am delighted that you like the painting, and many thanks for the words of encouragement
all the best

Amal said...

She's lovely (and thank you for showing us various stages. I think the model must be very,very pleased.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Amal,
I don't know if Amanda liked it...sometimes the models are very interested to see how they are painted or drawn and sometimes not.
Many thanks for the kind words

Marc Mosnier said...

Très bon travail !
C'est toujours un plaisir de parcourir ton blog.

Celeste Bergin said...


PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Marc and Celeste
regards PJ