Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Lost Fragment from Melisande

Cleaning away all the roughs and reference material I was using for Nutcracker, I came across this image.
I did it a long time ago for a New York bibliophile called Barry Klugerman who commissioned it to go with his copy of Melisande.
I think it's as good as any of the pictures in the book itself.


Susan said...

At first I thought it was simply a lovely view of a country-village lane, and I really liked it for that...then I realised the 'trees' in the distance were her dress! I love the surprise of that, and the sunshine on the houses up ahead. I'd love to take a walk down along there on a warm day. (After she's gone by, perhaps...)

Thanks for sharing it!

Manelle said...

I agree it's at least as good as any of the pictures in the book. It has a great mystery about it. I'm a fan.

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Susan and Manelle,
Thanks for the kind comments.
I think the fact that I was not working for publication meant I was prepared to do a slightly more daring composition. All the better for the picture.
Glad you liked it

Raluca C said...

the same with me!I later saw the gigantic dress in the back!Simplicity and mistery:what a wonderful illo!How could such a treasure get lost!?
I admire so much your work!That´s why I hope you don´t mind because I put you in my links list before I asked for permision!
best of wishes