Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Silhouette

Here is a little Christmas image I did as a gift for a friend.
I always liked the stolid character of St Joseph in the Nativity story, and now, having travelled with my own wife when she was pregnant on a few long journeys over the years, I have more sympathy for him than ever.
I think that shows in my picture.

Happy Christmas, and thank you for looking in on my blog.
Best wishes


Raluca C said...

All the best wishes and a Happy New Year!!!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Raluca, and the same to you

Tam on the Rocks said...

I just did a search of "nativity silhouette" and came across this. What a wonderful image, it really does tell a story. Thanks for sharing!

yaamas said...

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, PJ. I am going through the same journey with my wife for the first time. Our first born is due to arrive any day now. I love the way that you rendered Mary with child on the donkey. Beautifully done.