Monday, April 15, 2013

My Russian Book Covers

Many thanks to my FaceBook friend Maxim Mitrofanov who sent me these Russian covers of some of my books.
I do get sent most of my foreign editions but somehow I don't think I had seen these.
For me the Russian typography adds a beautiful quality of mystery to these covers.


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leyla safaart said...

you are number one for me

Anonymous said...

I apologize for machine translation)) today published the Steadfast tin soldier and the snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen. And in 1997 - Oscar Wilde, now this is a rarity. Many readers are attacking publishers are requested to publish more books. But until the silence). I really wanted to have Melisandre, in Russian, so I printed a homemade book for home reading and put down your pictures from the Internet))) Sincerely, Anastasia, Altai