Monday, April 8, 2013

Images from The Once and Future King

I did this drawing at college. It shows the Wart meeting Merlin, a scene from "The Sword in the Stone" by TH White.
I'm sure I must have posted it before but it was a very key image in my college career and it directly lead to me doing this book cover for the book for Collins one of my first publishers.
TH White's "Once and Future King" series is still my all time favourite work for young adults.
The little vignette of the Wart and Merlin reading appeared on the back cover of the book. I can't find the book for sale anywhere on line. It must be a bit of a rarity.


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westward ho said...

oh, lovely! i read "the once and future king" many, many years ago -- in the early '70s, i guess. and it's STILL one of my favorite books, ever. beautiful work; thanks for sharing it. :)