Monday, January 30, 2012

A Study of Declan Revisited

The life painting I did of Declan recently was one that I nearly liked and I didn't quite know why. So I went back to it and did a bit more work simplifying the background and loosing a few edges.
I was fairly pleased with the result and then I happened to look at it without my glasses. (See my Photoshop approximation below)

It had a good deal of truth and accuracy in the tonal values and colouring that were obscured by the detail that I could see with my spex on.
This is something of the effect that I am trying to achieve when I use my big blender brush to soften the edges that I am so often inclined to over emphasize.
Being able to look at your work like this is probably the only advantage to being short-sighted.

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Amal said...

The strength of your value range captivates--with or without glasses. However it is that you're softening edges w/out losing them entirely is wonderful and enhances the quiet, thoughtful atmosphere of this piece, and many others.

I'm still amazed at the depth you achieve w/the limited palette!