Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Portrait Sketch of Aíne

Here's a portrait study I did of our model Aíne in the life class recently.

Although sorely tempted, I held back from laying in the darker tones in her face, and adding detail in her eyes.
Again I was trying to stop myself from being too specific in my descriptiveness. Hopefully the result is a little more subtle and nuanced than it might have been.
You can see a bunch more of these portrait sketches on my Facebook page.


Rory O'Neill said...


I love this portrait it is so beautifully subtle you have used oils as you would watercolour very thinned down I'm really glad you stopped at this point, for me it is the hardest part of painting, knowing when to stop.
Simply stunning!

best wishes

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Rory.
Yes, it's always tricky knowing when to stop. The good thing about working in a life room is that you have to stop when the pose ends, although it is also good to try to break off when you see that you are over-working it.
All the best