Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey: The Musical

Did I say there would be no more posts about Christmas?
Sorry, here is the last one, honestly.
Thanks to Marion for sending me this link to a video showing that there was a musical version of The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, at the Provision Theater, Chicago.

This is one of my paintings from the book
and below is a photo from a stage play of the book that showed somewhere in the USA last Christmas.

You'd think they would let me know about these things.
After all I have effectively done their costume, set design and art direction.


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Congrats on your achievement and musical!
...I really, really love that book and always dreamed who you were. So, oh, a great joy, when I found this blog. Keep up, PJ!
Best wishes,Sadami

Teresa Rodriguez said...

That is too cool! I love that book.

J. D. Voss said...

Well done! There is nothing quite like seeing your own vision of something brought to life. Congrats!

Amal said...

And WHY doesn't the illustrator get more credit? Your pictures were superb. I hope they acknowledged you in the production credits.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys.
Re the credit, Amal?
I don't think I got a mention.The illustrator's lot.
That's one reason I'm trying to write my own text now.
All the best