Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hell on Earth

The folks at Chemistry asked me to do another poster advertising a forthcoming series of articles in the Irish Examiner newspaper on the clergy in Ireland to-day.
They wanted a picture that looked like an old master painting but with a crowd of people in modern dress who are about to burn a priest at the stake. The scroll was my idea. What a fun brief!
Unfortunately I had a really short time to create the picture, so I developed a technique that is half oil painting and half Photoshop. I was very pleased with the result, which should start appearing on poster sites in Ireland next week.
Many thanks to all my friends and relations who volunteered to model for the crowd, and especially to my pal Giuseppe who was perfect as the priest.


yaamas said...

I knew I get to see a more detailed version here. I'm completely blown away by this's truly a masterpiece.

Nathan said...

This is a very striking image.

Natalie said...

Absolutely fantastic!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi James, Nathan and Natalie, Thanks so much for those very kind comments....much appreciated