Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ignis in 3D

Many thanks to fellow Iggy, Phil McDarby, for telling me about this lovely 3d computerized rendering of my little dragon, Ignis (below) from the story by Gina Wilson.
The computer version is by Vlad Konstantinov, and I think he has done a wonderful job.
Now we just have to persuade Dreamworks or Disney to make the movie.


Olivia said...

Awww! How beautiful! What a sweet surprise! :)

I concur. DreamWorks? Pixar? Hurry up guys!
Which one made "How to train your dragon"? I think it was DW. So, they are already in the mood... just saying.
Or maybe the others need their own dragon story... keep on saying - talking too much ;)

I'm so glad for you, Mr. PJ Lynch!

Kind regards

joanne May said...

Very lovely dragon and such a sensitive image with the little girl. It is good to find you here blogging as well!

Best wishes,
Jo May.

Kate Pfeilschiefter said...

I'd certainly see the movie. What a beautiful image.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pj,

The eyes are beautiful in this painting, i love the image. Wondering what medium did you use?


PJ Lynch said...

Thank you all for those great comments. Re the eyes....I did my painting in watercolour and gouache, maybe you liked Vlad's picture, that was done in a digital medium.
Regards PJ

Bairbre Dunne Ward said...

I love your beautiful animations! When I was small I'd try to draw Ignis all the time and you are by far my favourite illustrator. Makes me proud to be Irish!

Bairbre Dunne Ward said...
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PJ Lynch said...

Ahh... you are too kind Bairbre
Best regards