Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lot of Heads at the RHA Summer Fête

I had a great time drawing all afternoon at the RHA Summer Fete.
Una, Emily and I were joined on the day by another of the Thursday life artists, Dorothy Smith.
Most of our models were children, who sat very still for the fifteen or twenty minutes we needed, and we all managed to get some nice work done. Emily even did a lovely portrait of one of my own kids.
Although my young sitters were great, I was still very happy to get to draw a few adults too.
Angel (above), the Arts Convenor from the UAC, was just lovely to draw, and I was delighted to meet Eoghan Kerrigan (below), a young artist who I'm sure will have a great career in illustration or character design ahead of him.

Many thanks to Bernadette for her great photos of the day.


Amal said...

What an excellent looking event. Love the work you created from it, and Amanda below is super strong looking, as usual. How quick is a quick painting?

PS - any link I click on the RHA site takes me to a Nike add. I tried to contact them, but I could only view a pair of sneakers....

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Amal, it was indeed a fun event.
I'm delighted that you like the drawings and the painting of Amanda.
I did two paintings that afternoon. If I subtract the time spent on breaks, then each painting took about 90 minutes.
I'm hoping to be able to achieve a complete portrait in about one hour. I think this should be possible as I generally spend the last wee while over-working the picture.
All the best