Monday, December 7, 2009

"What Kate Did Next"

On Saturday night I went to see a wonderful play, called "Terminus" by Mark O'Rowe.
I was invited along by one of the play's stars, a terrific young actress named Kate Brennan.
That's Kate on the right hand side.
She is from a very well-known Irish acting family, and it's great to see her doing so well in the family business.
Kate has developed into a very powerful performer, but she was already impressive twelve years ago, when my friend Ann Kavanagh suggested she would be perfect to model for the central character in the book I was about to start work on.
It was in large part thanks to Kate, and Maya Jussek, who modelled for her grandmother, that "When Jessie Came Across the Sea" worked so well.


yaamas said...

I recognized her face as soon as I saw the picture. She still looks the same and just like you painted her in "When Jesse Came Across the Sea". It's neat to see how the models grow up and yet, as a painter you've captured her in time, truly a gift. That is wonderful, PJ. I'm glad you enjoyed the play.

Enjoy your day!


Susan at Stony River said...

OMG; how wonderful, and how good to see she's doing so well! I sent 'Jessie' to my two great-nieces in America years ago, because I'd loved her after buying the book for my kids.

Congratulations to Kate for the starring role, and I hope you enjoyed the play!