Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Illustration: The Cinderella Art-form

"Saturday Evening Post" cover by Norman Rockwell 1922

Here's a reminder of the talk I will be giving to-morrow evening.
I hope to be able to record and podcast it at some future date for anyone who can't get along.

"Illustrator PJ Lynch will give a lecture entitled Illustration: The Cinderella Art-form at The National Print Museum in Dublin, on Thursday 3rd December 2009 at 7.30pm. Admission is free.

He will discuss how in the area of children’s books, authors are generally, and thoughtlessly privileged over illustrators. And how in the visual arts arena, illustration is very often categorized as being at best, a lesser, junior art-form, and, at worst some sort of low brow craft, tainted by commercial motivations. Lynch asks if the boundaries between disciplines are breaking down, and whether contemporary illustrators can rise above the limits imposed by tired old definitions."


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope you can record it! I would love to see it.


yaamas said...

I'm all ears and ready to listen, PJ. Can't wait to hear it when you post it. Best wishes on giving the lecture, I'm sure you will be awesome.

~ James

PJ Lynch said...

I'll do my best to record it.
Thanks for the good wishes
You are too kind James
All the best

P Nolan said...

Can't make this, I'm afraid - best of luck and hope to hear(see?) the podcast. Congrats on the Oppenheim (Oppy?) too. Might see you friday?

Mother (Re)produces. said...

I hope the lecture went well. This is a topic that has always baffled me- and I'm mostly a writer. It's obvious to me (and my three kids) that picture books are a 50/50 colaboration- or ought to be!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Padhraig and Mother (Re)produces,
Sorry you couldn't make it.
I think I did find some interesting historical info on how the whole disparity between the Fine and Applied Arts developed.
Keep an eye out for the podcast.
All the best