Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meeting Shaun Tan in Dublin

Yesterday, those lovely people at CBI arranged for a group of Irish illustrators, including me, to meet the amazing Australian illustrator, Shaun Tan.
I have been a big fan of Shaun's work since Marie-Louise FitzPatrick showned me The Red Tree and a few other of his early books about six years ago.
When Shaun's book "The Arrival" came out last year, I was asked to write a review of it by Inís Magazine.
You can read that review and see some more pictures from our meeting at the Scamp website.
Big thanks again to Mags and all at CBI for arranging the event, and to Shaun for a wonderfully inspiring morning, and for patiently inscribing on all of the books we had brought along.

L to R, Alan B, Donough O'Malley, Steve Simpson, Scalder, me, Joven Kerekes, Shaun, BrenB, Micheal Emberley, Marie-Louise FitzPatrick, Niamh Sharkey, Adrienne Geoghegan

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David said...

A little jealous. Just a little ;)