Saturday, May 9, 2009

Preparatory Sketch for The Bee-man of Orn

I was going through some preparatory drawings with a friend of mine, when we came across this nice little sketch that I did for The Bee-man of Orn. It was never used, but I think it's a nice drawing.
Particularly interesting for me to see those faint images where I rubbed out earlier versions of the baby.


christine grove said...

This has such great character and I love the pointed shoes.

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Christine

mjartist said...

The Bee-man of Orn was one of the first books that really got me looking and interested in your art. It was something about the way you painted the bees in the book that made me stop and go WOW! And that you did the book in watercolor just blew me away.

Plus it didn't hurt you had the cool DVD in there too :)

I am still in awe over your work, be it in oil or watercolor.

And seeing your drawings for the paintings is even more fun.

Thanks again for sharing!


Sally said...

Love the video of "Judder Boy" Ha, how lovely is he ! Reminds me of when my boys were that small. x

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for the nice comments Mike and Sally
All the best