Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Fun of Drawing

I had a message recently talking about the "fun of drawing".
Strangely, when you are drawing for a living, it can be enjoyable, fulfilling, even occasionally exhilarating, but it is rarely "fun".

I have fun drawing with my kids on the chalkboard in the kitchen, but I suppose, when I am drawing for books, I feel there is always so much at stake that it's hard to really let go, and have fun.
It's great to watch that pure, careless fun that young children get from scribbling away at the first thing that jumps from their pencil.
I do love it when I get lost in a drawing; most often when I'm working from life, or maybe when I'm doing one of my rooftop vistas, or a grotesque old goblin.
Sometimes, when I am inscribing a book for someone and I'm not rushed, I can actually have fun doing a sketch.
I did this dragon to-day on a copy of Ignis I was signing for someone.
It was fun.

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