Monday, October 13, 2008


mjartist said...

I have always loved this book from the first time I looked through it on the shelf at my local bookstore. My favorite image from this book is the one where Jonathan is looking out the door at Widow McDowell and Thomas. That image is so well executed.

Which has made me wonder, what is your most favorite book you have done where you felt it "worked from beginning to end? Or is there one.

Thanks again,

PJ Lynch said...

Many Thanks Mike
That's one of my favourites too. The subtlety of the gesture by Toomey is so telling at that point in the story. All thanks to the wonderful acting of my friends who modelled for the characters.

My favourite in terms of consistency, would probably be " ...Toomey", or maybe "A Christmas Carol" or possibly "Melisande" or "east of the Sun...".
Not feeling decisive tonight.
All the best

Christine said...

I wrote about two of your books on my blog, today and thought I would let you know. They are just so beautiful!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much for that Christine, and thanks for the plug for Magi.
My picture sold at auction for about €2,500, which is a nice sum for the charity but only about half of what the picture was worth.
The last one that I sold from that book, the original cover picture, went for $7,500 and another for €5,000. So someone has got themselves a bit of a bargain and I've learnt a few things myself.
All the best