Saturday, October 18, 2008


This landscape from Ignis gives us a nice change of pace.
It's one of the pieces that will be in my forthcoming show.
I always think it's nice to see a painting without the text panel covering it up.
I really liked the sunset effect in this one. It's not just for effect though, it does illustrate what happens in the text at that point, with the last rays of the sun hitting the mountain top.


mjartist said...

Mr. Lynch,
This book and especially this image reminds me a lot of Maxfield Parrish.

Really cool to see it minus the text box.

Man I wish I could see this show!! I would love to see your work up close and personnel. Just to see what the printed page doesn't show.

Thanks again,

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for that Mike.
Parrish is one of my major heroes.
I'll certainly let you know when an exhibition is happening in the US
All the best