Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life Room Studies.....With Added Drama

I am looking forward to doing a few teaching workshops in November.    
This one is at the RHA in Dublin, and I am hoping it will be enjoyable for those of us who are sometimes frustrated by the boring poses and stale lighting arrangements that we often encounter at life drawing sessions. I will be playing about with shadow and costume and I will be choosing models who enjoy hamming it up a bit in their poses. Click on this link if you want to join us. Here's the blurb:"As an illustrator P.J. Lynch makes pictures with a strong narrative core. This interest will be reflected in his three day life room workshop.Working with male and female models posed nude, partially draped and clothed, the emphasis will be on more dramatic poses and varied lighting arrangements. Beginning with shorter studies the poses will increase in length through the course of the workshop. Various drawing media will be used and painting will be in oils or acrylic. This workshop will appeal to those with experience in life drawing and an interest in illustrative, narrative picture-making."Please note that although the workshop is on the 14th to the 16th of November, you have to apply for a place by Friday the 7th of October.


Sadami said...

Oh, PJ,
Please do it in Sydney next time!
Kind regards, Sadami

PJ Lynch said...

Ha! I wish I could Sadami...PJ

Leo de Wijs said...

Sounds indeed like everything that I find missing from all live drawing session I'm able to attend in the Netherlands. It's not just bleak lighting and uninspired poses - it's more a generally lack of notion to context. And context is everything to me as animator / concept artist. I seriously wondering to book a small vacation to Ireland to able to attend, or would that just be silly?