Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Half Finished Nude

It has been getting quite turbulent recently at the life session I attend, which is a great shame. The life room should be a friendly sanctuary for concentrated study of a model.
Here is a painting I did of one of our new models, Louise.
She found she couldn't hold the pose so we had to abandon it half way through the afternoon.
I didn't mind too much though as I like the unfinished, sketchy effect in this one.


Amal said...

Unfinished is good too. Gives me a sneak peak into your process. I've no way of peeling back your watercolors but see clearly the strength of your foundations. (And I like the red spark of both this one and Molly below.)

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Amal.
I like "unfinished" too, but I find it so hard to leave a life painting alone while the model is still in pose in front of me.
I'll post some unfinished watercolours that I found recently. They give a good idea of my process.
Best regards

Esther Morales said...

I prefer unfinished drawings or paintings, to me they seem more fresh and give more information about the stroke and the personality of the artist :)
Great works!

PJ Lynch said...

You are so right Esther.
But I also think that the instinct of the artist who likes to finish everything up neatly also says a lot about them.
I wish I was more the type who could leave stuff undone!
All the best