Thursday, March 1, 2012

Telling Tall & Tiny Tales

I was delighted to find that I still have a few originals from Oscar Wilde: Stories for Children.
This one of the Selfish Giant will be exhibited in the Ark, Dublin's Cultural Centre for Children, in a show called Telling Tall & Tiny Tales .
It will run from the 4th - 30th April.


Amal said...

A fellow to keep clear of - at least for the moment. Wonderful action and fear all round.

I'd love to see one of your originals! Happy to hear that this will be exhibited, still unhappy that I won't see it.

PJ Lynch said...

Delighted you like this one Amal.I do seem to be exhibiting all over Europe this year but not in the US I'm afraid.
I'll keep you posted of any developements.
All the best