Thursday, March 29, 2012

PJ Interviewed by Dr Pat Donlon, at the NLI

A few years ago the National Library of Ireland and Children's Books Ireland co-hosted an event in which I was interviewed by my dear friend and famous bibliophile, Dr Pat Donlon.
Pat was formerly the director of the NLI, and it was she who arranged for the Library to acquire a large collection of my original illustrations way back in 1994.
The interview has recently gone on-line and can be viewed, along with a great selection of other interviews, at this link.
It's always a happy occasion chatting about books with Pat.

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Mother (Re)produces. said...

Hello there.

I enjoyed the interview very much; it's interesting to hear the details of your development.

I was wondering if you have any drawings from when you were very young? It's just me being nosy, really, but it would be fun to see and I'd love to show my daughter, who is also a fan of yours.