Friday, December 9, 2011

Two Quick Studies from Life

With one thing and another I have missed a lot of life drawing on Thursdays in the last month or so.
These two paintings are from the time I got to go in about two weeks ago.
I split my afternoon session between models, with an hour spent painting Meri and an hour and a half on Sean.


Anonymous said...

you make it look easy... lovely work!

Amal said...

To create an image of solid form and light in a short time is IMPRESSIVE! I agree with Rahina, you do make it look easy. Always a treat to see your studio work.

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Rahina and Amal,
I tend to leave them fairly early because I know I will over work them and ruin them as the light changes. So it isn't speedy painting for it's own sake.
It doesn't always go well though. I had a two hour portrait sketch session last night which somehow just didn't come together.
All the best