Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Westport Arts Festival 2011 Poster

Here is the poster I designed for the Westport Arts Festival 2011, which has just gone live on the festival's website.
I was trying to reference the mystic heritage of the region, and incorporating one of Westport's best known landmarks in a slightly irreverent way, I have St Patrick (atop the column) leading the dance on his fiddle.
I also designed a vertical version of the poster to be used as a flyer.


Amal said...

Wowed again. Really lovely flow to this. If I were near how could I be but enticed to go to the festival? What I really love about all of these posts is looking at them as a whole. No matter your subject matter or medium, it's always very clearly the same hand at work!

PJ Lynch said...

I'm delighted you liked it Amal, and I liked your comment about about the consistent "look" of my work.

Westport is a lovely place. I'm hoping to get along to the festival for a day or two myself.
Best regards