Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Times Article

Here is the article that appeared in yesterday's Sunday Times Culture magazine.
I have kept the jpegs pretty big so you should be able to read the text.
Pavel's piece is a very good distillation of the long and pleasant discussion we had a week or two ago.
My authors will be intrigued by the sub editor's headline that says they get more money than I do.

The photo of me in my studio is by Fergal Philips.


Olivia said...

I adore it!
Thank you so much for sharing the article.

Kind regards

Larry MacDougall said...

I'd love to see a bigger scan of the troll at the bottom of the second page.

PJ Lynch said...

Many thank Olivia and Larry,
You can see him at this link Larry
All the best

Anonymous said...

congratulations! and thanks for posting this (i'm an Independent reader so would not have seen it otherwise;)

Amal said...

Many thanks for posting this! It's inspirational and insightful. Funny (and sad) that you mentioned drawing the camel's head. It's pushing us all to strive for more. Really great article and, like Rahina said, I'd never get to read it if you hadn't posted.

Amal said...

Wowed again. Your use of watercolor changes at times, but I love that I can always recognise your hand. Wonderful flow and attractive poster that tells me (if I were there) not to miss the festival!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Amal

BUBBLE and SQUEAK said...

It's great article - always good to have the art of illustration celebrated alongside "gallery art". And I admire your philosophical view on the issue of film and financial returns for you. I'm facing a simular challange right now and am coming to the same conclusion; life is too short to worry about it!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Bubble and Squeak.
The article gives an impression that illustrators get a smaller percentage that authors, which is of course incorrect.
There is though that anomaly where by if the film maker only uses the author's title they have to pay for it, but unless they physically trace lines from an artist's work they don't have to pay them a penny.
To be honest the whole issue for me was not a financial one.
Good luck with your own particular "challenge".