Monday, April 18, 2011

A Life Study of Joanna

I like the composition of this life painting of Joanna.
I did it during the afternoon session last week, and I really enjoyed the more natural lighting arrangement we had without the hard edged shadows of the spotlights.


Amal said...

One lovely piece after another. I agree about the composition, subtle and pleasing. I'm sort of glued to the work on her right foot and your choice of color. Cheap brushes used for this one too? Nice to hear since it's near impossible to keep good brushed in good shape.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment Amal.
I actually think this is one of my best life paintings. I think that a lot of things work well here, like the composition, the control of the flesh tones, and yes , that right foot.
As I said, the lighting was all natural on that afternoon, which gives the work a wholly different and more pleasing character to a painting done under spot lights.
I also think that Joanna has a wonderfully interesting face and body. She's a real pleasure to paint.
ll the best PJ
PS Do try and get those brushes....they are made in China so I they should be widely available.

Anonymous said...

Another nude paintong..:)