Thursday, April 7, 2011

Emma Olympia

We now have a second model called Emma, and a little while ago my drawing pal, Una Sealy, set her in the pose of Manet's Olympia. I was lucky to be right in front of the model and so got the perfect view.
I rarely return to work on life paintings but I think I may add a little choker and a few other references to the Manet picture.


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
How caring and sensitive you are! Oh, I love this work. Thank you.
Kind regards, Sadami

Swan Artworks said...

Such a beautiful painting just as it is, I assume its in oils? Wonderful...
I've been popping by for a while but a bit shy about commenting! I very much enjoyed watching your youtube of painting the Dragon from the Bee Man of Orm... a book I shall have to grab at some point no doubt!
Carrie... :)

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Sadami, you are too kind.

And thanks for visiting and for commenting Carrie.I am glad you liked the video and this pic too. Yes it is in oils.
PS I liked your blogs...lovely drawings.
Best regards PJ

Amal said...

YES, YES to little choker! Brilliant use of color. Many thanks for showing us your excellent figure drawings, Amal

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Amal. I will post th final result whenever I get round to finishing it up.
Regards PJ