Friday, January 28, 2011

The White Trout

I'm in the process of packing up my studio for the move to my new space in central Dublin's Dame Street, just a stone's throw from Dublin Castle.
Over the years we all accumulate a lot of surplus stuff that we think will be useful one day, and it's great to finally dump a load of it, and to whittle everything down to essentials.
Dredging through to the back of my shelves I have also discovered some long forgotten pictures.
Here are a couple of unpublished illustrations for a book of Irish Myths that never saw the light of day.
These illustrated a story called The White Trout.


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Wow...!!! Amazingly and mysteriously beautiful! I really hope these illustrations will be published one day.
Kind regards, Sadami

Eva Huertas said...

why is so awesome??? O_O

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Sadami and Eva.

Olivia said...

Oh! It's so beautiful! I find your technique so elegant, regardless of the theme.
Ty for sharing these.
Kind regards

Aladine said...

The archives and organizational part of my brain is going "Ah! Surplus stuff! Don't throw it away yet, catalog it! Preserve it!" Haha.

The rest of me is saying, "Beautiful work!"


PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Olivia and Aladine,
I won't be chucking out the artwork itself. It's the boards and the mounts and the print-outs and first proofs that end up taking up all the space.
Best wishes

yaamas said...

Don't throw any of it away, my friend. It needs to be preserved for the museum that they will make in your honor. Great illustrations, by the way. You already know how I feel about your work.

E.V. Cygnus said...
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