Monday, November 8, 2010

The Candlewick Book of Fairytales

I'm always chuffed when I find that someone has taken the trouble to scan images from my books to share them on-line.
I found a whole bunch from The Candlewick Book of Fairytales on a Russian site and, as I am just now in a Fairy Tale frame of mind I thought I'd post some of them here.
The book came out in the mid 1990s and did really well, but unfortunately it went under several different names in different territories. I'm still very fond of it, and my thanks go out to the Russian blogger who scanned the pictures.
большое спасибо

The Frog Prince

The Six Swans


Hansel and Gretel

Beauty and the Beast


Sadami said...

Dear PJ,
Thank you for sharing the beautiful work! I have your picture books. I'm dreaming, one day, hopefully, get them signed by you...:).
Kind regards, Sadami

PJ Lynch said...

Wow Sadami, you are quick off the mark... I hadn't finished putting up the post.
I'm sure our paths will cross some day and I'll be delighted to sign all your books.
Many thanks for your comment. It's greatly appreciated

Marc McCabe said...

wow, they are beautiful. Really inspiring. I especially like the lighting in the six swans painting. Thanks for the free motivation hehe.

Kendra Melton said...

Gorgeous!! So much pretty it is hard to compliment each individually :]

aladine said...

I geeked out about this entry! Hooray for being in a fairy tale frame of mind!

Amy June Bates said...

I have always loved this book.
I recently discovered a ton of my work on a Russian site too. A bit creepy since I have no idea how they could have got some of it...

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for those great comments guys. I love the idea of you being "Geeked Out" Aladine.
I hope you all check each other's blogs. There is great work going on there.
There's not much you can do to stop folks scanning your work Amy June. I think it is absolutely fine unless they are making money out of your pictures without permission.

sf said...

I work at a Waldorf School - must get my hands on these books...

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Your work is exquisite.

Exactly the sort of books to give children a sense of joy.

Thank you for sharing in your blog.

Ryane said...

i have read this book as a child! and found it really amazing to see this as a young adult studying design and realising the wonders of what have inspired me a child! :)

thank you so much!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Ryane, Tales from the Birch Wood, and SF,
i really value your comments
All the best