Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two views of Sophie

I've posted this painting of a rear view of Sophie before, but I recently got a hold of a jpeg of the drawing that my friend Oisin Roche did from the opposite side of the model. It is always fascinating to see two artists' different approaches to the same subject, but this one is doubly interesting for me as Oisin included a pretty brilliant portrait of me in the background of his picture.


Lucía Rodríguez said...

This is SO beautiful. I love your drawins, your style is unique. I really admire your work, congratulations! And thanks for sharing it!

Marc McCabe said...

that is so cool to see both of your approaches :D Beautiful work as always PJ. Very interesting shadow play with the arm and the torso, I like the pinch

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks guys on behalf of Oisin and myself.
Both of you guys are doing terrific work. You should check out each other's blogs.
All the best