Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Painting of Des

I was very pleased with this recent painting of Des.
He's great at holding a standing pose like this for several hours without complaint.
I particularly like the little passage of loose brushwork describing his right hand. My usual habit would be to delineate each finger, but I've been leaving my paintings a little bit unfinished recently, and I think they are all the better for it.


yaamas said...

Beautifully done, PJ. I, also, like the looser look in this painting. Capturing the subject with use of brush strokes or mark making really gives you a lot of freedom to go anywhere with it and also makes it easier to put the brush down and say it is complete. I think paintings with less detail sometimes really allow for the artist's emotion to flow easier (N.C. Wyeth had a gift with this). But with that said, what I have always enjoyed about your work is it's emotion, the viewpoints of the subject and the reader (so engaging, the use of detail and color and still your work has a looseness to it. It is freely flowing and not forced and not overworked. These life studies will only make your ALL you work even more breathtaking.

Thank you once again for the inspiration (every artist needs it) and for your kind words about my work. It really means a lot to me. Happy painting my friend. ~James

Elspeth said...

Great colour palette. You really captured the essence of the model!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi James and Elspeth
Thanks so much for those great comments.
Very best wishes

Rory O'Neill said...

I've just been looking through your archives and came across this painting of Des, for me I think this one is one of your best its so well painted very muscular and much more loose than your other work everything works. That right hand is pretty good, having said that you are extremely good when it comes to hands and feet.


PJ Lynch said...

You are very kind Rory.
I am very fond of this one myself.
Thanks and best regards