Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Fairy Kiss

Here is a giff showing a piece which is the latest of all the 3d layered experiments that I have been doing.
If the picture doesn't move a little bit, just click on this link, and you should be able to see it working.
I was asked by Helen Maguire to design an image of a fairy blowing a kiss for the cover of her book of poetry entitled The Fairy Kiss.
The really intriguing thing for me was that the cover was to be reproduced in an advanced lenticular 3d process.
Helen works with 3d artist and photographer, John Mitton, and when she showed me their amazing 3d work, I knew I had to have a go. The giff gives just a rough idea of how the 3d image will look when printed.


Susan at Stony River said...

Wow -- that's cool stuff, and a lovely cover.

It reminds me of a step toward Harry Potter's moving pictures.

Mother (Re)produces. said...

oops! the links to the cover are password protected, but the artwork is beautiful (as always).

It's hard to imagine getting that kind of 3D effect from a book cover. I followed the other link to John Mitton's site, and my brain keeps reading it as a video- which, coming from a computer monitor, is nothing new.
How cool it must be to hold a flat, non-battery operated surface in your hands and get the same effect!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Susan and Mother (Re)produces,
Sorry if some people can't see the 3D simulation.
You are right Mother (Re)produces, what it shows is a Flash simulation of the lenticular image.
Lenticular images are nothing new, of course, this will be simply reproduced using a more advanced technology than we have seen before.
There is no way that I know of to view a real 3d image on a computer screen without special glasses. But, hey, the techology is moving along so quickly we might catch up with Harry Potter before too long.
All the best

yaamas said...

Absolutely beautiful. PJ, it's great to see you have a blog. You have been an inspiration to me for some time now. I have most of your books and they are still holding up even though I look upon them all the time. You are truly following the footsteps of great illustrators such as, N.C. Wyeth, Rackham, Pyle, Mucha and Parrish and in my eyes you are already there. Here's to painting!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi James
Thanks so much. You are too kind.
And thanks for the comments on the videos too.
I'm really pleased that my work might have inspired you in some way in your own terrific paintings.
All the best

elise said...

Hi PJ,
I'm very curious to see it in action. Anywhere else I can see it working?
Beautiful artwork :-)

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Elise
If you click on the link in the text a picture should come up. You have to wait a little while for the Giff to load, but then it should move from side to side showing the 3d effect.
I'm no expert on giffs so, I wouldn't know why it might not be working.
All the best