Monday, February 23, 2009

Portrait of Jim Lucey

Here's another life drawing I was very happy with.
It's as much a portrait study as a figure drawing.
I have gotten to know the model, Jim Lucey, very well over the years.
I don't think a connection with the model is essential to create a good drawing, but it certainly seems to help me.
Jim is particularly good at holding his pose, and he would concentrate very hard on keeping his eyes and his expression fixed too. Unfortunately, some life models tend to let their eyes drift all over the place.

I used red wax stubby crayon, and white chalk on Ingres paper for this one. The thick stubby crayon stops me getting involved with too much finicky detail.


Frank P. Ordaz said...

I found your blog through " Underpaintings".

I came to know about you through a Publisher which asked me to look at your work as reference. I was very impressed . My boys are older so I don't look at too many Children's books but your work elevates the genre to a higher standard.

I will order my copy of Lincoln.

I am definitely bookmarking your Blog and look forward to seeing your many successes.

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Frank
Thanks so much for your kind comments. I've been enjoying your work on both of your blogs. You have so many wonderful paintings and drawings.
And the blog itself is so interesting.
Best of luck with it all

Frank P. Ordaz said...

Mr Lynch,

Please feel free to add a critique from time to time if you should happen to stop by again. I value your insights.