Monday, February 9, 2009

Caomhnú Literary Festival

I had a great time in Cavan at the Festival on Saturday and Sunday.
I was delighted to meet Celine Kiernan who took this shot of me with one of my Gulliver paintings in the county Library.
Celine has done tremendously well with "The Poison Throne" the first of her Moorehawke Trilogy. Her mother and father were also there, and it's hard to imagine two sweeter people.
Joseph O'Connor, author of The Star of the Sea and Redemption Falls gave a very interesting and humorous reading, and Professor Terence Dolan was wonderfully entertaining on Hiberno-English.
Meeting Terry was a real inspiration. He's a great character, and a shows tremendous spirit in the way that he is getting over the stroke he had last February.
Best of all was seeing my old pal Josephine Brady, who commissioned the Gulliver Murals.
Many thanks to Kathleen and Catriona, who brought me back to Cavan. I was so sorry to hear that snow stopped some of the events on Sunday.


Susan said...

My kids told me that it had snowed back home in Cavan, which surprised me, but I was happy for them (they loved it!) I'm sorry to hear it affected the festival however.

Love the photo!

celine said...

It was a wonderful festival, wasn't it? Fantastic venues and so well organised! The performances on Saturday weren't affected by the snow and I must say, they were incredible! T’was the Sunday that was snowed out ( double bummed about that, because I skipped Snowpatrol ( ironic!) to go home and have a rest before my reading LOL!)