Friday, January 23, 2009

"The Man in the Purple Suit", the finished portrait.

Here is that portrait I was talking about.
It's pretty much finished now, maybe just a few more glazes to tie it all together.


Daniel Potvin said...

Stunning ! Your work on the lighting is superb as usual, but I also really like the pose you gave to Aidan.
Bravo !

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lynch,
Are there any particular brushes you favor for your oils or watercolors?

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for the question.
I use a lot of brushes when I'm doing oils, as the Liquin medium I use hardens them up very quickly, so I tend to buy fairly inexpensive small ones. But I do get good quality large blending brushes.(You can't afford to have all those big hairs coming out on the canvas).
For watercolours I spend a lot more getting good brushes. No specific brands though, just whatever feels right in the shop at the time.

Sally said...

Aiden sounds, and looks, a real character. The portrait is fantastic and he must have been thrilled. What was his reaction? Did he see himself the way that you did? I have often wondered with portraits how the sitter views the end product.

I personally think its wonderful.

samsonelle said...
You managed to capture my restlessness , it loks like I am about to decide to go somwwhere and leap off the chair. Thanks for the coments- flattered!

PJ Lynch said...

Hi Sally and all
Thanks for the kind comments.
Aidan did like the painting when he saw the finished thing. I've done a few of him over the years and I think this is the most successful of them.

Serendipity8 said...

Wow! To me it personifies the feeling I get from seeing Conor McPherson's plays... it's both enthralling and slightly sinister at the same time - spectacular, like all your work.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Serendipity8
All the best

Totalfeckineejit said...

That is a totally fantastic portrait,the clown was amazing too, but this one blows me away.The colour of the suit and the fantastic detail in the leather chair and the covering throw, let alone the figure itself, are stunning.Will these(or any of your picures) be exhibited Dublin way anytime?

Maria said...

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