Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Lincoln family's first Christmas at the White House

February 12th is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, and Candlewick and Walker will be publishing "Lincoln and his Boys" by Rosemary Wells, and illustrated by me.
Here is the scene showing the Lincoln family's first Christmas at the White House.
If you can get hold of a copy I can really reccommend this book. The story is incredibly moving.


Susan said...

Is the book being first released on his birthday---and is there a launch anywhere for it?

I've been looking forward to this one: thank you for the continued posts on its progress and your illustrations!

mjartist said...

Mr Lynch,
This painting looks GREAT!

How was your experience painting this book in oils compared to watercolor?

I can't wait to pick up a copy!

Thanks again,

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys,
There's no launch arranged as yet, Susan. It looks unlikely but I'll keep you posted. Publication date is early February.

Thanks Mike,
I loved working in oils. It suits my style more than watercolour but I'll continue to do both I think. I use Liquin fast drying medium to make oils a feasible illustration technique.

mjartist said...

Mr Lynch,

You know the more you talk about painting in oils the more I keep thinking I should try it.

Boy that is going to blow the art budget :)

Keep up the Great work!

Thanks again,