Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Digital Christmas Card

I was a slow starter when it came to computers, but, when I discovered what could be done in Photoshop, I really got into it.
I haven't published any images that I have created in photoshop, but at some stage I would like to do a whole book digitally.

This image, which is based, of course, on Leonardo's The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist, is typical of the jokey kind of personal work that I have created on my computer.
I made this one as a Christmas card in 2001, when our first son was about nine months old.
This was pretty much an indulgence, but it was also a great way to learn blending techniques.
You can see how I use photoshop when I am composing a picture in one of my step by step videos, "Making Fairy Tales" with Full Commentary Part 1


Susan said...

Lovely! I've never gotten a Christmas card that was personal AND beautiful---it always seems a choice between the two(or is that just my family?). I love the play on the original.

Anonymous said...

That is outstanding -- both beautiful and gently humorous. The new heads fit seamlessly into the original work. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing it!

PJ Lynch said...

Susan and J
Many thanks for those comments, and for all of your other comments jkluge.
They are very much appreciated

ArtWench's Ramblings said...

Love it! I must say, this particular painting has raised no end of questions in my mind and when I saw your spoof, it occurred to me that I am not the only one who may have questioned the title bin relation to the composition. Thanks for sharing this!