Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dickensian Rooftops

One of the strange things about being a Children's book illustrator is that in the middle of summer I am very often working on cards, stamps or books with a Christmas flavour.
Right now I'm drawing a terrace of snow covered buildings for a boxed set cover. My research brought me back to this drawing I did of Dickensian rooftops for my version of A Christmas Carol. I always love doing this type of picture, and I usually fit one into my books.


Sally said...

PJ, if the Christmas cards you are doing this year are to go on general sale (and not just for personal use!) I would be so grateful if you could post it on the blog when they become available to get hold of. Many thanks! Sally x

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks for the comment Sally.
I will certainly put it up on the blog if Christmas Cards become available. I usually design them for specific clients or charities, but I might release some designs more generally.
Best wishes . PJ