Monday, October 13, 2014

New Workshop Dates

I’m looking forward to my next workshop at Kennedy Art on November 1st.
Here is the painting kit I use for my workshops.
I keep my warm, earthy colours to the left of my palette, white and titanium buff in the middle with a splodge of Liquin, and black and cerulean blue are tucked away on my right.
That’s a little cup of low odour thinner, and I always like to open a new set of bargainous synthetic brushes from “Create” using the three flats. The bigger brush is for blending.

There is one more vital part of my kit; a 16 x 12 inch canvas board prepared with a grey tone. I use a warm grey emulsion. 
It's so much better than painting on a white surface.

My workshops at KennedyArt are proving to be very popular, so as well as 6th December, we’ve added an extra date on the 13th December.
12 Harcourt St, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 475 1749
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