Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upon the Wild Waves

I was delighted that Dr Pádraic Whyte, and Dr. Lydia Ferguson of Trinity College Dublin, chose my image from "The Names Upon The Harp" for the poster of their major exhibition in the beautiful Long Room in Trinity.
"Upon the Wild Waves: a Journey through Myth in Children’s Books" will be on display in the Long Room, Trinity College Library from 23 October 2014 until April 2015. The exhibition aims to serve as a celebration of the wealth of children’s literature held in the Library. Drawing upon material published over several centuries, the exhibition will explore some of the varying ways in which writers and illustrators have used myth to engage younger readers, from creation myths of Polynesia and tales of Greek Gods to Biblical myths and Celtic legends.


Sadami said...

Hi, PJ, Congrats!!!! Best wishes, Sadami

PJ Lynch said...

Great to hear from you Sadami, and thanks for that nice comment. Best regards PJ