Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What "Miss Kate" Did Next

About fifteen years ago when I was looking for an actress/model for a book I was working on, my friend Ann Kavanagh introduced me to a charming young girl named Kate Brennan.
It was no surprise that Kate was already a fine actress, her parents, Martina Stanley and Stephen Brennan, are both very well known on the Irish stage and television.
Kate was perfect for the part. She showed wonderful sensitivity and worked very hard to help me bring Jessie to life.
I have watched Kate's progress through her career as an actress ever since, and was delighted to see that she is now performing as a singer too under the name "Miss Kate", and she's doing so well that she was featured in last week's Sunday Times Culture magazine.
There she is on the cover. It's just great to see Kate doing so well.

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