Friday, October 11, 2013

Portrait Sketch of Francis: Tidied Up

I worked in some background and beefed up the tone and colour in this portrait sketch of Francis  that I did first as a demo at Kennedy Art.
Above all I wanted to emphasize that amazingly strong profile that Francis has, so I pushed the gray background colour right up close to his profile, leaving just enough of the dark underpainting to make a rough outline around his face.

I usually don't let my students use green paint at all in portrait workshops because it's very hard to manage when when used  to create shadowy skin tones. I prefer to just to use blues for those cooler notes.
In this case Francis had been wearing an Ireland jersey and all my students had painted the shirt in, so I thought I would too. It works well as a block of colour and serves as a useful counterpoint to the warmer hues in his face.

My next workshop at Kennedy's with spaces available is on the 30th November.

Contact Kennedy's if you'd like to come along. 
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Paschalis said...

Awesome portrait!

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Paschalis.