Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The North Wind

I've been illustrating a lot of stormy seas recently for the book I am doing now for Candlewick Press.
It's a subject I am continually drawn to.
Here's one from an earlier book of mine, "East O' the Sun, and West O' the Moon".
It shows the North wind carrying the "Lassie" to the castle that lies East O' the Sun, and West O' the Moon. 
You might  just be able to see the Lassie on the North wind's shoulder.


Tom Sarmo said...

I'm in awe--a stirring watercolor. Could you tell me the size of the original, please?

PJ Lynch said...

Many thanks Tom.
I sold that one years ago but the original was big for a watercolour, perhaps 60 or 80 cm wide.
All the best

Tom Sarmo said...

Thanks for the info--best wishes to you as well!