Thursday, December 20, 2012

My New Studio

I'm very excited to have moved to a new space in an artists' collective studio building in the heart of old Dublin.
Inside it is still a mess of boxes, but hopefully it will be a hive of creative activity after the break.
Happy Holidays everyone!


Marie said...

the windows look great! wishing you best of luck there. Have a great holiday and best wishes for 2013 to you too!

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks Marie, and the very best to you for Christmas and the New Year

Ramey Channell said...

Looks wonderful! Good luck in the beautiful new studio.

PJ Lynch said...

Thanks so much Ramey
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

While looking for some inspiration for a snow queen art (home) project, I stumbled upon your snow queen creations. Very good! I think there is some spam on that snow queen link (loads of links have been posted there: /2010/02/christian-birminghams-version-of-snow.html).
Some of your work (the old snowy town) reminds me of the work of Anton Pieck (I am Dutch).

Good Luck in the new place of creation!